Guar Roasted and Meal Korma

Guar Meal Korma And Roasted Korma

It is basically the germ part of the guar seed and is obtained after the guar gum is extracted from the seeds. It is a potential source of protein and carbohydrates with sufficient amount of amino acids. Therefore it is recommended to be given to milking animals. This enhances in the production of more milk as well as more percentage of fat in the milk.

The regular guar korma is further processed to increase its nutritional value

Further to increase its digestibility Guar korma is toasted to make it palatable and more nutritious. The roasted Guar korma is free of anti-nutritive elements, such as antitrypsin inhibitor.

This inhibitor limits the formation of trypsin which is an essential enzyme for nutrition. Therefore the Guar korma is heated at high temperature which breaks the cell walls and enhances the protein and amino acids digestibility in the product.

Excellent replacement for Soybean Meal, with highest protein value and lower cost advantage